What is the United States Basketball League’s Minimum Salary Exception?


What is the United States Basketball League’s Minimum Salary Exception?

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The players who started out with a fifth year rookie-scale contract and are now restricted free agents are interesting to watch. Some of them may decide to just hold out and wait out the fifth year of their rookie-scale contract to become unrestricted free agents, while others may decide that they need a little more security and go for the five years deal. However, this deal might not go through as planned, because there isn’t enough time left on the fifth year rookie-scale contract to work out a new one. That would leave the players with a big hole to fill.

It’s possible that a lot of these deals will be voided in the final year of a rookie-scale contract, when the new contracts come into effect. If this happens, the remaining players on the UFA list will have to get new contracts before July 1st of their fifth year. If all five players are UFA, then the salary cap number for that team must be cleared at the end of the year, or else the team will lose its rights to that player. In other words, if your UFA players are all eligible to become unrestricted free agents after July 1st, you may have to turn those players down and sign them to mini-majors, with a two-way or three-year deal. Now, that could get complicated, so you should read up on how to deal with the NBA draft pick restrictions and choose your players wisely.

Some people believe that the UFA exception exists so that small-market teams may use their two-way contracts to lure top picks away from bigger, more successful NBA teams. That might work sometimes, but it certainly isn’t the norm. If a small-market team can’t sign a big name player, it won’t bother signing him if he’s on a two-way contract. If he were guaranteed a four or five year max contract, though, you might be a little more worried. Teams may try to lure big names using the UFA option, but they’re going to do it on the cheap, knowing they won’t get their money back if the player turns out to be a bust.