Understanding the UFA System

Ufa is among the largest cities in Russia, also known as Bashkortostan Republic. It is considered as the second largest industrial, cultural, economic, sporting, and spiritual centers of this country, an Important transportation hub, situated approximately 1,350 kilometers south of Moscow. It’s one of the most visited cities in Russia and many famous names are associated with it including Ural Mountains, Ufa Valley, Far East, Ryazantym, Tverskaya oblast, Samtsevsky oblast, Primorsky region etc. Ufa has a rich agricultural and manufacturing sector.


As far as the climate in Ufa is concerned, it is quite temperate and pleasant. summers are hot and winters are mild. The temperature is moderate in summer and mild in winter. The climate of ufa is marked by the great influence of Uralian horses. In order to protect the livestock of ufa, a special law was introduced in 2020 “to keep horses on roads and highways”.

Horses are usually registered for one year and they get twelve months free pass. A horse must stay in ufa for one year without being registered or without any surgery and the same goes with other animals like deer, reindeer, elk, bear etc. After one year in ufa, one-year-old animals can go to show. However, there is no special age limit for show jumping or for breaking the habit of wearing out the old one-year period. The best time for training is spring and autumn.

All the four Russian Regions are divided into six parts and each of them has their own competitions. The best horse racing prospects in each region are selected according to the conditions in that region. Ufa is a very popular sport in many countries and it attracts all types of players. There are some high class players who take part in national level competitions as free agents, while there are some others who play at higher levels like the juniors or the silver trials. Novak Djokovic is another example of a player who made his name in ufa, while Britain’s David Bellemore became an all-round sensation and won the maiden grand slam at St. Leon in 2020.

As already mentioned, ufa is a very popular sport in the Russian regions, where the horse races cover different tracks. Every day, from morning till evening the various horse teams go to the track and compete with each other. The players and their horses have excellent connections with all the teams and they enjoy playing and interacting with the coaches and jockeys. As compared to some other sports, there is not much financial support provided to players, but they get to enjoy the sport as much as they want.

Other countries also organize amateur ufa matches on a national level, with minimum wage exception as decided by the government and the clubs. Since the player is playing for a country, the minimum salary exception generally decides the amount of money that he would receive during the entire duration of his contract. Many players earn up to 15% more than the minimum wage during their contract period. Qualifying offers are different for every player, as he may be offered either a single match fee or a specified number of fixtures. The player may also be offered additional money if he reaches certain milestones during his career.

The Russian Football Association has allowed players to sign contracts outside the country as long as they first comply with the rules of ufa. However, this is not allowed for national level players. There are three exceptions, which are traded player exceptions, double player exceptions and mutually agreed exceptions. Traded player exceptions allow a player to be traded between two teams during his contract term, provided that both the teams fulfill the requirements stipulated in the contract.

Bi-annual exception is another exception that allows a team to use a designated player if he is away from the squad for more than one match in a twelve month period. The bi-annual exception expires once a player has served half of his domestic season games. Similarly, the bi-annual exception for a player with a three-year international service clock is only applicable if he qualifies as a “service player”. The bi-annual exception for a player with a Uefa Pro Contract is applicable only when that player plays for a selected international team during the qualification process. These three exceptions determine the salary that a player will receive during his contract period and therefore determine the amount of money that a club will be allowed to pay him during his contract period.