Kevin Rudd Asks For More Money to Fight Insurgencies

The latest development is the strengthening of the relationship between the United States and India. India and Iran have been rekindling their historic strategic ties, which were once neglected by the former government of Modi. The healthy economic outlook, low inflation and a sound fiscal policy led the Indian authorities to change their outlook, the foreign ministry said in a statement on its website. “With the US leadership in mind, we are pursuing bilateral engagements with our neighbors in different forms like civil-military engagement, defence cooperation, trade, terrorism,” the statement added. The strengthening relationship between the two countries is not only beneficial for the Indian economy, but also for the regional and global peace and security.

The Indo-US civil-military partnership, which was first established during the tenure of the UPA government, has witnessed a significant boost with the entry of the PM and his cabinet in September last year. Indian recruits who fought and cleared the Karbala Gulf in Iraq in 2021 are now returning home, thanks to the US military presence in Iraq. This is one of the most important relationships that India has with the US and it was this factor which made the US decide to extend generous scholarships to Indian students. In addition, US President Barrack Obama had also announced a $1 billion package to boost bilateral ties with India, which could help India gears up for more defence related purchases from the US.

The US is now in the process of deploying hundreds of troops to Iraq. This deployment is purely a defensive move to counter the threat posed by the radical Islamic State (IS) in Iraq. However, India is not alone in its concern to keep the volatile IS under control. According to an estimate, the US has spent close to seven hundred million dollars on training its Iraqi allies. Indian money in the form of ufa and india programs has helped the cause of the Iraqi security forces in the battle against the IS.

The army of the Iraqi federal government has recently received support from Indian para-military personnel through the PM’s visit to New Delhi. India has been one of the largest contributors in the Iraq war effort, contributing troops, materiel and cash in the form of ufa, Iraqi cash and American money. At the time of the visit of the Indian president-elect, New Delhi notified its soldiers that they will be receiving more than $1. 45 million in Iraq. This is almost all of the ufa aid that the Indian government has extended to the Iraqi military since the beginning of the war. It is this form of foreign assistance that will be most beneficial to the fight against the IS.

The first phase of the Iraq war required the provision of ufa support from both sides. The American military contingent that entered Iraq provided support, including ufa, from the very beginning. The PM and his cabinet had a round of consultations with the American military before taking the decision to join the fray on the second phase. They decided to extend the financial help that they had extended to the Iraqi security forces, and were rewarded by securing nearly three million dollars in three loans, two-year renewable contracts, and five hundred million Iraqi dinar convertible currencies.

The first contract secured a one-year supply of ufa from the Iraqi National Army. The second contract secured a two-year supply of Iraqi Dinar currency. The third contract is yet to be signed, but will probably secure another one-year supply of Ufa. This contract may be contingent on the negotiations between Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and visiting Australian PM John Howard, who are scheduled to meet in Australia during the next few weeks. Rudd stated that he was hopeful the matter would be resolved soon. Kevin Rudd is due to visit the United States shortly after Christmas to participate in a meeting of prime ministers from different nations.

The Australian government also announced that another one-year deal would be signed with a South African company, and that a contract would be signed with an Indian company. Both these deals are contingent on the outcome of the talks between Howard and Rudd. The first contract is worth almost three-million dollars, while the second one is worth about two-million dollars. The one-million dollar deal is a private agreement made by Rudd and was reportedly discussed in detail during a recent visit to India.

If all goes according to plan, the United Nations will be a big beneficiary when the battle for Iraq enters a new phase. In the first year, the organization will need to provide food, medicine, and health services for the tens of thousands of men, women, and children that have fled the violence in Iraq. The need for housing will also increase as the fighting rages on. If the United Nations can secure additional funding before the combat ends, then it will be even more difficult for the fighting forces to withdraw.