How UFA Airplanes Work to Give Away Free Trips – Urafteaching Your Business


How UFA Airplanes Work to Give Away Free Trips – Urafteaching Your Business

The abbreviation of UFA is ‘Union of Fair Aspects’. In the early days, Ufa was known by different names like ‘Girya effu’, ‘Union of General Organizations of Communication’, ‘Siberia’ and ‘Union of Special Economic zones’. Today, it is called ‘Russian Airlines’. The name ‘Union of Special Economic Zones’ was suggested by the company directors of Ufa. This name was chosen to represent the special status that the airline has in all the regions of the country. It also represents the equality that the airlines enjoy with other national airline companies in the Union.

On the other hand, the company is one of the leading airlines in the world and plays a key role in the transportation sector. The company has a strong partnership with the world’s leading carrier – Aeroflot. The airline services that ufa provides to its passengers are in addition to those offered by other popular carriers. So, one might state that the airline services that ufa offers are more than that offered by other airlines.

On a personal note, I would like to thank ufa for the extremely valuable services they have provided to my family and me. For this reason, I have decided to share my experiences with ufa. My life, as a whole, has changed for ever. From the day I began to travel on the world’s most famous airline, I always travelled with the one-year unlimited pass that was offered by ufa. Though this period lasted for about five years, but eventually I decided to extend the deal for another five years.

During the first year of my contract with ufa, I managed to get some cheap tickets on sale. When I compared these tickets with those available at the regular prices, it became clear that I was actually getting cheaper deals. Moreover, during the second year of my contract, I was able to get another three years unlimited pass for the same cost as the first year’s one-year pass. The fact that I was offered such good deals during the second year of my contract, indicates that ufa still stands behind its commitment to provide affordable air travel to their passengers. I would also like to share something with you guys, that you may not be aware of.

Two years before I had signed my contract with ufa, they had approached me regarding an issue pertaining to whether or not I would be allowed to carry on my existing UFA contract or not. They informed me that since I was already a UFA, it was not possible for me to sign a new contract. However, when they contacted me again to inform me that I could still extend my contract by signing an additional one year, I decided to go ahead with it.

So, what exactly does this mean? Well, basically, ufa had guaranteed my flights to Warsaw and Berlin without any restrictions whatsoever. And they actually did extend to me an additional one year, in which to make good on their promise. In this one year, I traveled to Warsaw, Germany four times, and once year, I was permitted to return. And I was also offered free rein in terms of picking my hotel, hiring drivers, even choosing what food I wanted to eat! If you were offered such good deals from a company offering such low fares, you’d think that they wouldn’t mind if you signed a one-year contract for a 700,000 extension.

And they did something really smart when they did this. They made all of this information available online, so that my friends and I could make plans accordingly. My friends and I all travelled together, and the expenses didn’t much add up to anything near what they said it would. I can only speak for myself, but I do believe that the only way that an airline could have possibly extended an already amazing deal like this to a million miles is if they truly believed that the deal was a great one. Otherwise, why would they have extended the contract so far?

When I got home, I contacted UFA, and this is where the story gets interesting. The next day, I went on Facebook to let everyone know what had happened. As you can imagine, I got a ton of questions, some of them extremely technical. My favorite one was from a guy who said: “So, it appears that UFA has arranged for the airline to extend their flight agreement to 700,000 miles, but that flight date is not guaranteed. Does that answer change anything?” Indeed, I hope you will please consider all this.