Russian Football Federation – Ufa

The head of a prominent Russian charity foundation has expressed doubts regarding the success of the United States based Eurasian Humanitarian Investment Fund (EHAIF) and believes that it may be another run-off benefit from the collapse of the U.S.S.F. “It seems the world financial meltdown is being managed by the Russian government with the help of some offshore companies,” Kudryashvili stated. “The authorities in the U.S. are busy trying to come up with a pan-European association strategy,” he added. He went on to compare the EHAIF with the Asian Financial Superpower, saying that while both are instruments for promoting peace and economic development, he believed that the Asian model was much more advanced.


“The Eurasian Humanitarian Association is a perfect example of what a good Ufa could look like,” Kudryashvili continued. “The association was set up as an intergovernmental organization. Its board consists of representatives from all countries, including Russia. Every country has an equal vote. The term of office is limited and rotate members can rotate out and fill the vacant positions whenever required. There is also a board of directors which meets with a president of the Russian Federation and a prime minister of Georgia to regularly review the strategies and operations of the organization.”

“There are many benefits of having an Ufa as an associate member,” Kudryashvili said. “The first benefit is the potential free agent pool. Countries can choose to recruit a free agent without involving the other countries. This will prevent a country that is not interested in signing contracts with another country from forming a team,” he added. Free agents may be interested in joining a team that is aligned with their own interests.

Members of ufa teams have access to signing bonuses when they reach certain contracts. Signing bonuses increase the income potential of the players, but they do not affect the overall team budget. As a result, free agents can choose to sign with any team that they feel will best compliment their skills. Signing bonuses for unrestricted free agents are based on the average player market value for that position, which means that the value of one player does not necessarily correlate to that of another player.

Teams can use ufa rules to limit the number of times that a player can enter into a contract. After an option is exercised and a player signs with a new team, his previous team has the right to match the offer. If the player chooses to accept the qualifying offer, he must sign with the team that offered him the contract. If he chooses not to sign with the team that offered him his contract, he is free to sign with any other team. This gives each team flexibility when it comes to the type of players they wish to bring in as free agents.

Each UFA contract is four seasons in length. The player becomes an unrestricted free agent after his contract ends. His rights can then be negotiated with other teams; however, if the two sides cannot agree on the terms of a contract, termination may be required.

Each four-season contract is four years in length, meaning that a fifth season (the off-season) is the average time that a player is allowed to enter into a contract. There are a number of factors considered when determining the trade deadline for a UFA. For example, if a team is guaranteed a certain amount of points for a certain period of time (say, ten wins in a row), the ufa date is used to determine whether or not the player is no longer a lock to win the game with that team.

The salary cap in Russia is based on each teams registered players, and the overall team salaries. Teams that have more registered players earn more cap money. However, it is also based on the ranking of each team’s players in the Russian league. Each Russian club has their own rankings, which is also subject to change depending on the rules of the league.