Buying Property in Ufa

The capital Ufa, administrative district of the region of Bashkortostan, is around 1200 kilometers from Moscow. Many tourists who visit the region often take a detour to Ufa and the village of Razno. Located on the left bank of the Volga River, Razno is a nice little Russian Village located right in the heart of the village. If you plan to visit the village of Razno, then you can start your journey from any point of the Moscow region.

A trip to Ufa requires you to have at least a three years supply of Russian rubles. The reason for this requirement is quite obvious. Most Russian citizens cannot obtain foreign currency easily without a minimum of three years of residency within the country. The three years of residence requirement is one of the many requirements that are part of the federal residency requirements. The three years of residency requirement was established so that people would not be tempted to run away to other countries to live and work longer and make huge amounts of money without giving it a thought.

In order to get an extended leave to reside in Ufa (Rufus) you need to have obtained an extension of residency. This is done by getting signed a four-year residential contract after completion of education in secondary school or college. The contract is considered valid only if you have graduated from school or college. The contract is also considered as an investment opportunity and gives the young adults covered rights to buy, rent and sell the property within three years of its signing. The contract can be renewed every four years at the present or the young adults can sign a new four-year residential contract after graduating from university.

Besides, a person who signs a one-year residential contract and lives in Ufa cannot get out of the house without written permission of the authorities concerned. In case of repeated evasion of the restriction, one may end up being fined heavily. It is always better to get signed one-year residential contract before moving to Ufa. This will prevent you from being fined when you move out of Ufa. If you get a house in Ufa with an agreement, the seller should be registered on the local real estate UFA board. The seller must prove that he/she is a resident of Ufa for at least one year.

After getting an extension of residence, an individual is allowed to buy, rent and sell property in Ufa. A person can buy properties for use as an investment, retirement or holiday home. A person can also purchase plots of land for agricultural purposes or build residential homes in Ufa. However, it has been observed that many individuals who wish to buy properties do so only to rent them out in future.

Many businessmen and investors are attracted to Ufa because of its tax benefits and exemption from state taxes. Another reason for people to buy properties in Ufa is that they get three years of exemption from the payment of property taxes. This means that in case the owner does not pay the tax in time, he/she will not be liable to pay the tax. The three-year exemption from the payment of taxes to the Russian authorities is called the signed four-year agreement.

A typical agreement between a buyer and a seller of a property in Ufa consists of a purchase contract, a seller’s declaration that he/she holds all rights and privileges related to the property, a lease for two years and an option contract for three years. In case the buyer fails to pay the tax in time, the seller will have to make the necessary payment before the expiry of the said period. This process has been confirmed by the government of Ufa and it guarantees the protection of its residents.

An agreement made in Ufa may include an option contract that allows the buyer of a property in Ufa to buy a property within the same region within three years of the signing of the contract. Moreover, the buyer gets to buy all the rights to the property for the next three years as well. All these are mentioned in the signed one-year contract that comes along with the sale of a property in Ufa. Such agreements are very common when people buy properties in Ufa since such deals involve only one year of exemption from the payment of state taxes.