Alexeyev Versus Semilov – What Is the Difference?

The chief executive of the Moscow International Property Solutions (MIP), Valery Viatrovsky, had forecasted a sharp increase in the value of UFA. He had also said that the growth in the property market in Moscow and other cities in Russia would continue. According to him, the present economic situation and the gradual rise in salaries of Russian citizens are the main factors that have increased demand for international property investments. He claimed that both the internal and external factors, of course, but especially the former, have led to the success of such enterprises.


According to estimates, the value of UFA has risen by more than tenfold to reach around one hundred and seventy million dollars. However, Valery Viatrovsky believes that these figures may vary again in the next few months and even years. He explained that the sudden increase in demand is due to the impact of economic recession in almost all the countries in the world. The rapid appreciation of UFA resulted mainly in the growth of residential properties. As the demand increased, so did the supply.

At the moment, there are around twenty projects with more than twenty thousand apartments available on the territory of Moscow. Besides, one can also find apartments for sale in different parts of Moscow including those with housing facilities for more than one hundred and fifty thousand people. Two years ago, there were approximately twelve projects with more than twenty thousand apartments available. The number of new constructions started to fall suddenly, but now there are already more than twenty projects in operation with housing facilities for nearly one hundred and forty thousand people. In addition, the number of houses under construction actually dropped by almost twenty percent.

In mid-July the Moscow Exchange reported that the Moscow Stock Exchange is expecting a thirty percent increase in the volume of equities traded in the second half of this year. Meanwhile, the Moscow Real Estate Development Agency (REDA) has signed an agreement with the Moscow Economic Enterprise Centre for Developing Commercial Spaces (MEC), a leading economic development agency, regarding an amendment of the law on the registration of apartment complexes. According to this agreement, the central government agency will allocate a two-year amount of funds to the RNODA. The exact sum of this two-year extension will be released after negotiations are completed between the RNODA, the city of Moscow and the MEC.

This agreement was signed by Aleksandr Plyushenkov, the director of the Moscow Economic Enterprise, and Vasily Shevtsovsky, the head of the Moscow Real Estate Development Agency. The exact words of the agreement have not been published, but it is assumed that the exact figures of the increase in the volume of ufa and the increase in the extension of the law on ufa flat complexes will be released in the near future. However, according to my sources, the exact figure on the sale of apartments for housing complexes was $700,000. So, this figure might increase or decrease according to the conditions and the movement of the ufa market.

In November last year, Irina Zyban, the then mayor of Moscow was mentioned as one of the guests of honor at the celebration of the seventieth anniversary of the victory of the communist revolution. At that time, she had expressed her happiness about the relaxation of the ufa law. Some people from the region of Stavropolos had also requested permission for an apartment complex in Stavropolos for the reason that the area was full of oiliers. Thus, some oil workers had purchased their own apartments there, according to their contracts with ufa. It is believed that this request was approved because the oilers had the votes at the meeting of the Stavropolos leaseholders’ assembly.

Besides, the Stavropolos region was one of the twenty districts in Russia which had received the right by the authorities of the federal state to purchase an apartment complex from ufa. Besides, Irina Zyban was also one of them who had received the authorized authority for buying a multi-unit complex from ufa. According to the corresponding laws of Russia, if any person receives any kind of favor or gain in any way, he has to reveal it to the Russian Federation. If you are an applicant, you need to provide all the necessary documents and paperwork related to the number of apartments that you had won, and also your request for an apartment complex. The number of years of contract of others who had received the authority to buy such properties is three years.

Some of the other candidates for the post of the CEO of ufa are Alexeyevsky, Yu. Semilov and Semerikin. These people have a lot of experience in dealing with multi-million contracts. Moreover, according to my sources, all these candidates had received their personal approval for the post of CEO of ufa from the President of Russia. In fact, on that very day, a meeting of the Management team of ufa took place in the St. Petersburg’s famous Hotel Metropole with the members of the Management Team of FSBO (Igor Sechin and Kirilenko). It is clear that Alexeyevsky is a close associate of Sechin who is close to both Sechin and Alexeyevsky.